FSXWX will always remain free of charge! However, if you enjoy it and would like to support this project, a PayPal donation is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

ENBseries for FSX

Last update: 22.10.2014

ENBseries only affects visuals within FSX, thus it makes no difference to use it or not with FSXWX. Nevertheless, I highly recommend it because it corrects the unnatural colors and brightness of FSX. The exact settings of ENBseries are totally up to you. For installation just copy the files in your FSX root directory.

P3D Tweak Assistant (PTA)

Last update: 25.07.2019

PTA is a very powerful payware tool ( to improve the overall appearance of P3D by adjusting various parameters in terms of clouds, lighting, colors, contrast, water reflections, etc. The configuration file (for version 2.63) that I was using in the past in conjunction with FSXWX is provided below.